Monday, June 20, 2011

More summer sewing

This year, I wanted to sew some of my kiddos' summer wardrobes. I made Squirrel a couple of skirts {you can see the tutorials here and here}, and made Little Bird some shorts.

Here he is rockin' out a pair {photo on my iPod with Hipstamatic app}:

And running around in his "pirate pants":

I used New Look pattern 6932. I like that pattern because it: A) was inexpensive; B) has a large range of sizes (6 months to size 8); and C) has a raglan sleeve, which is just a bit more fun than a regular old tee. The directions were also super quick and easy {though most elastic pants and raglan tee patterns will be}.

The only problem with the pattern is that it is HUGE. In fact, Little Bird is wearing a 24 month or 2T size in most of his pants, but I ended up making these for him in the 6 month size because it runs so big. This is the same pattern I used for their Christmas jammies. It runs very wide and short. Any other items I have made for them, I have gone down several sizes in width, and up in length. {Of course, I have skinny, long bodied babies, so keep that in mind if you try the pattern out.} However, overall, for the price and effectiveness, this is a great workhorse pattern to use and adjust as you need.

What do you think? Are you doing any summer sewing?

And, as an aside, do you take issue with little boys wearing skulls or pirate clothing? Is it too grown up or are the connotations too negative?


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  1. Oh Kierra...if only I had the bravery to take my dusty sewing machine off the shelf for some summer sewing!!! You are so very talented - an inspiration to many! On a side note, I'm so glad your computer is better!

    Also, I don't take issue with little boys and the clothes as you describe. I think (like so many things in your birthday letter to squirrel) you will be able to have teaching moments about that when it's something he's old enough to understand. Just my two cents (take it for what it's worth, coming from a non-parent).


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