Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just like riding a bike...or not.

You know that old saying, "It's just like riding a bike"?

Well, sometimes it isn't.

I've been wishing for a bike for a while. I really can't even remember the last time I rode a bike, but long to enjoy our short summer pulling the bike trailer, the kids loaded up and slurping snow cones. Not having a bike makes that less likely.

Lately, I was at a certain large retailer which shall remain nameless, but which has been associated with some other excitement in our lives. I saw a great little bike, and it's bigger sister, both of which were the same price and surprisingly affordable.

Tonight, we had to be there for something else, so I showed Rob the bikes. He told me to hop on one, so I tried the little one first. I was a little wobbly on it and he laughed at me, but admittedly, it is a little hard to ride a bike when you only have about 15 feet in an already over-crowded aisle.

I decided to try the larger bike, assuming the small one was just cramping me a little, and throwing off my balance. I backed up further, gave myself lots of room, and took off.

And I crashed.

Friends, I crashed in the truest sense of the word: slow-motion, see it coming, face-plant-into-metal, absolute-loss-of-control CRASHED.

I got myself going, and right there in the middle of large-rural-retailer, I lost my balance and steered myself directly into the ceiling-high rack of bicycles. Trying to stop myself and failing miserably, I caused a raucous that brought employees running. All the while, Rob stood there, eyes wide, asking, "Are you KIDDING ME? Did you SERIOUSLY just crash a BICYCLE?" instead of helping me.

And when I finally lifted my bruised body off the tangled mayhem I had created, I looked down, only to find my ego still laying in a heap, curled in the fetal position.

At which point I began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I laughed until tears ran down and snorts came out my face. And I told my ego to get off the floor and suck it up....because we had to get out of there, and how.

For the record, Rob is now considerably more skeptical of this bicycle wish I have. Apparently, some of us DO forget how to ride a bicycle.

I do wish I had caught my own bike crash on video, but I will have to settle for this one. 
 Here is one of the best ever (and proof that the Gospel must be true, since these are the missionaries that are managing to work miracles...
and come home alive after 2 years in a far away place!): 
If that wasn't enough, try {this one} and {this one}



  1. I totally feel you. I just recently acquired such purchase myself. I now ride to the post office on my shiny black and hot pink bike with children in tow. It is wonderful. I too went to a big box store (quite a few different ones) searching for the right ride. I too tried many different rides and also stumbled upon the same issues you had on your "ride". How can anyone expect us to really figure out how the bike rides when you can't really get a good start and then once you do,you have to stop bc there is no other place to go (except for straight into the bike racks). I too have a husband that laughed at me every time I got on one and the handle bars shook from left to right and right to left. But eventually I did purchase one (crashless) and had to take it out. I was scared. I really wanted an adult trike, I think they're precious with their big baskets in the back, but the trailer wouldn't mount to it. I did discover that the trailer does provide great balance on the bike. So tell Rob that once you have the kids strapped in on their trailer you "SHOULD BE" good to go.

  2. Oh, Carla, that is terrible you had a crash too! But...I have to admit it does make me feel a little bit better! ;) I will definitely tell Rob that the trailer will help me maintain my balance...maybe that will win him over!

  3. Hey Kierra, funny thing...that first crash that you linked to...happened to an Elder that was serving in our ward...Elder Masik...like you said, you know the church is true since the Lord sends teenage boys out to preach the gospel!! The may be missionaries, but they are still boys...We miss you guys!!

  4. Beth--That is funny! I remember seeing that video b/c Jason emailed it to me, but I had no idea it was a missionary in your ward! Awesome! Miss you too! You guys need a break from the heat...come see us! :D


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