Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Fixin' Stuff}

I meant to post this on Father's Day, but I failed.

Rob has been spending a lot of time fixing up the beater of a Harley he traded out his four wheeler for, which means that Little Bird also has spent a lot of time fixing his "motorcycle". {It is so funny to me how just a few weeks ago, his little trike was just a "bike," but now it is a "motorcycle" 100% of the time!}

So, in just about the cutest pictures ever, which totally speak for themselves, you can see my boys being boys and soupin' up their super cool rides:


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  1. Love the pics! By the way I was wondering if you still have Brayden's baby pics you took. I want to see of we can get copies to use for his room decor :) you can send me a Facebook message thar would be great


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