Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Are you one of the ninety-seven who fail, or one of the three who succeed?"

I hope, that for you, you are one of the three that succeed. As for myself...well, let me leave that question open ended for a bit.

For Christmas, my sister {who I MISS! and who is one of my favorite people EVER! and who is so BEAUTIFUL!

Isn't she beautiful?} got me this cute little crochet kit. You see, I've been trying to teach myself (with a little help from YouTube) how to crochet for the past year or so. It is kind of slow-going, but this adorable little kit promised to show me how to quickly and easily whip up the most scrumptious little animals.

The first project was this fish. A fish with big full kissy lips and a tail just screaming out in darling whimsy.

Who could resist busting that box open and getting started? Not me, that's who. The pattern looked simple enough, and I thought it would take me an evening to do it. 

Well, four evenings later {and by evenings, I mean VERY late nights watching a lot of dumb movies on the computer on Netflix while I developed permanent dents on my fingers from the TINY crochet hook}, I finally had a finished product {and by finished product I mean a gross deformity resembling the original in color only...}

{Poor thing has a severe case of facial herpes; plus, its tail is on sideways and flops like a...well, like a dead fish...}

Squirrel ransacked my crochet basket one of the mornings between my "evenings" of labor, and his eyes were lost...meaning my adorable kissy-fish is not only deformed, but also sightless--these sorts of stories really are tragic, no?

Next on the docket is this snuggly looking beaver...

{Look at him just waiting for a hug!}

I just hope he turns out closer to the original than the fish did, because right now, I'm worried about having something that looks more like this when I'm finished:

By the way...the answer to the question: 

I am one in 97. 

Thanks, Sis! I still love it! 


  1. Cracking up :) I think the fish is adorable, and I can't wait for Mr. Beaver or Dr. Raccoon-whichever he turns out to be.

  2. So, you get to make your own stuffed beaver jokes!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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