Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Where grow still the apple trees...their fruit still wild and ciderish to my taste."

I'm beginning to think we live in the greatest place in the world. Aside from the months of nearly-arctic winter, this place is a veritable Eden.

The University has an orchard here on campus, with over 100 varieties of apples. We took a weekend opportunity to spend some time tasting, picking, and piling up all the delicious fruit we could justify.



{Cherries too!}


{As in Eden, there is forbidden fruit. We can't pick these, but they sure are tempting...}

Best part about apples? Apple crisp, courtesy of the Mister. YUM!



  1. I KNOW!!! IF only you decided to go to college there the first time!!! We could have gone together!

  2. Ah...I like the area, but SVU still has my heart as best college! ;)

  3. I much prefer the subjects in these photos from the one in your last entry. More people, less insects. We're missing you a lot lately...(sad face)


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