Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sick again in the little home in Idaho....

We've all been sharing a nasty cold around here, but poor Mister's been sick ten days. His classes are super intense this semester and I think it is taking a toll on him, or at the very least, prolonging his illness.

He had his very first cup of tea last night. He woke up coughing his brains out--really, I'm pretty sure he lost some--and I asked him if he wanted me to make him some tea. He looked at me like he thought I might be trying to play a trick on him, and said, "I don't know...what is it? How do I...? I don't know...." So I made the poor guy a cup of orange ginger tea, and wouldn't you know, it actually helped. Today, he even requested I fill his thermos with it before he leave for the library. (And he insisted I had to do it, because he didn't know know, because hot water and a tea bag CAN be pretty darn tricky...)

At any rate, with the cooler weather and the sickies going around, we've enjoyed snuggling up in blankies and sipping our tea together.


While I've been sitting around miserably, I found some super fun links I thought I'd share:

Free ADORABLE printables from Paper Glitter. Check her blog out too. You might just experience cuteness overload, and I can't wait to print some out for me and the kiddos.

Free printable 2011 Owl Calendar at My Owl Barn. There are thirty one-of-a-kind pictures to choose from to personalize your calendar and download as a PDF.
{This little guy is just waiting to count the days for you!}

Crochet inspiration HERE
{Yummy yarn is calling my name. Can you believe I have never made a Granny Square? I can't}

People who know us know that we LOVE Halloween in our house, and that means I totally heart fun and spooky projects. The girls over at Eighteen25 hosted a link party for Halloween inspiration, and 495 linkies so far--there is a Halloween project for anyone! Check it out!
Beyond the link party, they have tons of fabulous decorating ideas. This glorious cabinet display just fills me with envy:

Also, I'm pretty sure that once I am feeling 100%, these are definitely getting made: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Cherries and Pecans via the Sprouted Kitchen. Mmmm...
{Seriously...doesn't this photo make you want to go bake right NOW?}

Of to mend. I have a couple of tutorials of my own in the works. We'll see if I actually manage to pump them out.


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  1. Too funny how helpless a husband can be when they are sick...of course I mean mine at least. :)

    LOVE the printables! We made halloween cards yesterday and Wesly was upset I didn't have bat stickers. I may just have to print these off and let him glue bats on some more cards!
    get better quick!


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