Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{Curly Little Bird}

Growing up, we used to pick on my mom for how long she let my youngest brother (the baby of the family) go without his first haircut. We laugh together about the fine mullet he had grown and the fact that those little blond locks could cause such hand wringing and torment.

Sometimes, you pay for your judgements.

I cannot bring myself to cut Little Bird's hair. I recognize the fact that his hair is getting way out of hand. I readily accept that at SOME point, I will have to get the poor kid a hair cut. I know that, most of the time, the poor kid looks like this:

{Even I have to admit that his 'do is unfortunate...and yes, I do take him into public like that, thankyouverymuch...}

But the fact is that he has hair like mine. And in a world where nearly all of my children's features belong to daddy, it's nice to have a little something of my "own." Not only that, but the specific characteristic of his hair that makes it so UTTERLY impossible to cut is that it is CURLY. Just like mom's. Unfortunately, that also means it is curly, just like mom's, i.e., it curls beautifully when just out of the tub/shower...and not so beautifully the morning after {see above}. 

I know I picked on my mom about my brother's hair, but this is so much MORE than a few little curls at the nape. This is HAIR...beautiful ringlets even Alexander Pope would be unable to fully do justice. And while daily I find myself coming to the conclusion that yes, it is finally time to bite that bullet, and get the poor guy a haircut, every evening for a short glorious while, THIS happens: 

And my mind is changed all over again. 
So Mom, I totally get it. Totally. 



  1. I think you may need to start using product in his curls to get them to stay. ;-)

  2. You don't have to cut it in a real little boy haircut and spoil all that cuteness. Just cut an inch or even less off of it all over and youwill still have the cute little boy without the shaggy shi-tzu look.--and product as in the previous post will help too. You're lucky--he has really curly hair---your little brother only had those little curls at the neck and once they were gone, never another curl sprouted. Love, Mom

  3. I was in the same boat for the longest time, too. My hair is jet black and my husband's is dark brown. Our son came out to have a caramel color head... LOVED it to pieces. When his hair grew and grew, I refused to cut it for the longest time and gave him ponytails (only around the house!) instead so I can avoid getting it cut. :)

  4. I'm the total opposite. I cut my oldest's hair when he was 2 weeks because it was a mess! (my kids are born with TONS)

  5. I was the same way with my youngest. His hair had such beautiful curls that I couldn't bear to part with them for way too long. I still miss the curls sometimes, but he does look like a cute little boy instead of girl now.


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