Friday, October 22, 2010

{Pumpkin Patch!}

Fall isn't fall without a visit to the Pumpkin Patch...

{This one, or this one?}

{Silly Dad...THIS one is much better...} 

 {Ah, here's one just my size!} 

{Wait! What is Sis doing?}

{Chase a poor defenseless strange cat? Don't mind if I do!} 

 {Look, ma! It's not scratching out my eyes!} 

{Okay, okay. Even though I am insanely allergic and think most cats are spawned from Satan, even I had to admit this one was way sweet and got in on the action...} 

{I realized later this was Little Bird's first ever encounter with an actual cat! He loved it!} 

{You're really gonna let me ride this train alone with her??} 

{Big stuff} 

{As usual, my attempts to get just. one. picture. of the two of them together 
never seem to go as well as planned in my head...} 

{Happy Autumn!} 


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