Sunday, October 31, 2010

{Happy Halloween!}

We are taking Halloween on as a family.

In fact, we actually won our trunk or treat contest for best trunk theme!

Here we are, I think the photos will probably explain it best:

Happy Haunting!



  1. I love it---you all look super fantastic--although I am a little partial the the beautiful mermaid girl! Mom

  2. magnus looked perect with those chubby, i mean athletic, legs!

  3. How cool! Love that idea! Little Bird's costume was my favorite :) Made me laugh.

  4. I CRACKED up at G's costume. Seriously ADORABLE! I'll post picture of our Halloween soon :) Wish the mermaid and the spider could've been trick or treating together again. (In other words, MISS YOU!! er, I mean, high five :)


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