Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"Some are 'industrious' and appear to love labour for its own sake, or perhaps because it keeps them out of worse mischief."

I really love being a mom. I never thought, in my younger years, that I would, but it's the best job I've ever had. People who know Squirrel know that she is exceptionally busy. Almost from the time she was born, she has been getting into things, and "busy" is indeed the number one adjective that people use to describe her when they watch her. (By the way, I know "busy" is just a euphemism for "insane" because I live with her.) Because of her need to constantly be doing anything, I try to plan activities with her, primarily to keep her out of "worse mischief." I've had a few friends comment to me about how we do so much fun stuff, but believe me, it is entirely self-preservation, and even now there are days I am doubtful I will survive this child with my own sanity in tact.

Thankfully, Little Bird seemed to be born with quite the opposite demeanor: calm, observant, compliant. Until he started learning to follow in his big sister's footsteps...

This past week or two has been chaotic. The Mister was faced with finals at the same time I was handling checkouts and inspections in the dormitories. What this has meant is that my perpetually tutu-ed Squirrel and her pants-less brother have been finding more opportunity for "worse mischief;" here's a sampling from a day this week:

First, Little Bird practiced his new Squirrel-taught trick of moving the chairs to gain access to the counter tops:

And then we found Squirrel behind the fridge devouring a bell pepper she found in the veggie drawer. (Honestly, do normal kids even EAT bell peppers? Much less, do normal kids find and scarf whole bell peppers in dark corners? All while wearing a tutu?)

And in the two minutes we were away cleaning up a separate mess made by Squirrel (of which I did not get a picture), Little Bird managed this:

Seems I need to dig a little deeper for some "industrious" ideas for these two, as they are obviously so good at finding worse mischief...


  1. yay! Your kids are great! It keeps like fun, huh? I am slowly experiencing the greatness of the fridge being open with eggs on the floor, the sink overflowing with the drawer full of water or all the laundry (after being folded) sprawled out on the floor! Ya just got to laugh.... or we would go insane! Good post!!! Plus--- it was so good to see you last week!

  2. Haha! This cracks me up. Kids are so funny. And no, I don't think normal kids find and devour whole bell peppers, lol. But my kids both love asparagus and brussels sprouts, so what do I know??

  3. I just burst out in hysterical laughter. You have NO idea how badly I needed it.

  4. Val--oh, I LOOOVE eggs on the floor! Haha!

    Jenna--I should be grateful my kids like veggies too! Do you ever wonder though if it will last...like when they start kindergarten if they will suddenly turn their noses up at the sight of anything green?

    Ashley--SO happy to oblige! :)

  5. Squirrel reminded me of finding my little brother at about her age hiding in the bathroom closet with a butter knife devouring a jar of yellow mustard with glee... kids are so weird! And delightful!


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