Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{Bird Feeding...or Squirrel Feeding...}

Squirrel and I made a "bird feeder" a few days ago. I put it in quotation marks because the Mister would have it so. He often finds my attempts to live in the country somewhat laughable, because even though I loved my outdoor play as a kid and my time spent enjoying sunsets on the roof of my home, I don't have all that much experience outside of the city...and even less experience outside of the barren desert.

Anyway, here's what we did:

We took some Cheerios...

...and strung them on some twine:

{We were, of course, dressed as fairies...or at least one of us was...}

Then covered the Cheerios in peanut butter and nuts and seeds...

And then we hung it up for the birds to eat....

And this is where the Mister laughed at me--he says that bird feeders need to be hung in trees. Silly woman, you can't just put food for birds anywhere...

I figured that since birds can FLY, they could just as well FLY over to the stairs by our window so we could watch them eat the food we had so KINDLY offered them. 

Turns out, that instead, the squirrels come and eat peanut butter and seed covered Cheerios off the stairs. Just as time I guess we'll hang it in a tree...

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  1. Kierra - I cannot get over how much your daughter looks EXACTLY like you! Really, this is how you look in my memories of you as a little girl. She is just precious.

    Oh, and I LOVE your bird feeder idea.


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