Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{Bug Hunt}

"I think that I may warrant you one worm for every three sods you turn up, if you look well in among the roots of the grass."

Today Squirrel and I went on a bug hunt. She saw a lady bug while she played out in the grass, and came running in to tell me with such explosive excitement that I knew we must attempt to find more. Unfortunately, that lady bug must have left all her children (and cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings home)...and she must have flown away to them, because we could find no more. We then set off in search of any bugs we could find. I think the weather being back and forth as it has been, that most have not decided to emerge fully yet. We searched a bit in vain, but kept coming up empty handed.

So, we did the one thing that always turns up critters--we dug in the mulchy mud for worms. We found them quickly, and though Squirrel was at first utterly horrified, I did manage to get her to touch one and even inquire whether they have eyes. (To which I answered no...but honestly...do they?)

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