Monday, December 27, 2010

Little Bird finally gets his first haircut!

You may remember a post a while back about poor Little Bird's crazy hair...or you might have noticed in this post how truly out of control it can be.

It finally became time to face the inevitable. Little Bird needed a hair cut.

For some reason, I had this need to be the first to take scissors to it. Even though I don't really have any idea what I'm doing. Little Bird, however, was smart enough to sit still just long enough for me to snip only once or twice.

{You can see how ridiculously long it is here, all combed out. And yes, he's wearing pink 
pajamas. He's totally jealous of Squirrel's glow-in-the-dark skeleton jammies 
(which she is afraid of), so he got to wear them. And I'm cool with that.}

{This is about where he started getting squirmy, so I tied those sweet little curls in the back 
and snipped them right off to keep for myself in a baby book.}


{And the next day, we headed to the beauty college for an actual cut.}

{Again, he sat still for about 30 seconds, so I am short on photos because 
I ended up sitting in the chair with him.} 

{Here's the finished product! It turns out he has the cutest ears ever and 
I am in LOVE with seeing them!} 

{Seriously, look at those adorable ears! And happily, he still has some curl.} 

{Next up for Operation Big Kid...getting rid of that pacifier...}


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  1. Way to be brave Kierra! He is still SO adorable!


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