Monday, December 20, 2010

{Handmade Gift: Free Pattern from Funky Friends!}

One of the items on my list of Christmas to-dos is making a stuffed animal for Little Bird. I've been looking up and down for something sweet and fun that he can call all his own. (He loves stuffed animals, but currently, Squirrel has the corner on that market.}

As I was looking, I came across this positively perfect platypus pattern. {Ok, that was some spectacular alliteration, and I have to admit I didn't even plan on it!} He comes from the Funky Friends Factory, the brain-child of Aussie Pauline, who designs and sells the patterns in her down time.

{Stock Photo}

As I browsed the website, and was completely torn by which one to buy, I also came across information about a free pattern download for the Honey the Easy Teddy Bear Pattern.

{Stock Photo}

All you need to do is buy any one of her other patterns, OR simply sign up for the Funky Friends Factory newsletter. How cool is that?

The patterns are simple to follow and you can choose to have a pattern mailed to you, OR instantly download it and get started immediately {the option I chose, since I am such a procastinator}!

In addition to the free Honey Bear pattern, Pauline also encourages users to take part in the "Billion Bears Charity Drive" to make and donate as many bears as possible for any charity of your choice.

I was so delighted and surprised at the Honey Bear pattern, that I may even try to squeeze a couple in for  some kids I love before Christmas arrives, and thought I'd spread the word too.

I'll try to share my own versions once I get them done!



  1. I am dying....I LOVE that platypus. Like, LOOOOOOOVE.

  2. Hi Kierra!!!!! WOW! I am absolutely wrapped by all the lovely things you said about me and the Funky Friends Factory, THANK YOU!:) AND I saw your plattie - he turned out so cute! I also read your post about New Year's Resolutions and I want to send you a special treat - funny coincidence but my latest pattern will help you keep those resolutions!
    Thanks again!AND I LOVE you gorgeous blog!

  3. Hi Kierra,
    I have emailed the pattern throuh to the only Kierra on my email list - pleeeeese let me know it's you and that you got the pattern, otherwise someone else out there will be thinkign I',m NUTS!
    Your story is really inspirational, and your hubby sounds like a true gem - you are truly blessed!: )
    Nightie night
    PS- this is NOT really meant as a comment - I just couldn't find out how to contact you via the blog to check I had the right email - so please could you NOT pubish this as a comment - it's meant for you only!!! : )????


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