Monday, July 5, 2010

{Our 4th of July Weekend}

{Walking to the flag raising ceremony and breakfast at the church}


{The Mister's ROOT beer for those wondering... :) }

{Then we needed to head home for a nap...}

{Picnic and play time at the park}

{Feeding the ducks in the pond}

{Blowing on the world's LARGEST dandelion fluff...seriously, can you believe the size of that thing?}

{Dropping grass in the stream}

{Sharing ice cream sandwiches and kisses}

{The rodeo: National Anthem....also, Squirrel asked if she could be a cowboy at the next rodeo...I think she was pretty impressed with the mutton bustin'}


And we all slept HARD....

Happy Independence Day. 
God stay His hand on this glorious land...



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I don't know if it's your editing or true to life, but I love the way Ms. A seems to be taking care of her baby brother rather than just trying to avoid him :) Rexie has gotten very protective and caring for Sam lately (you know in between the moments of shoving him down "accidentally")

  3. why do you remove Lin's posts? Anyway that photo with the giant dandelion is wonderful! You should enter it into a photo contest somewhere.

  4. I didn't remove Lin's posts. She removed that one, I think. You should see the dandelions here...I think they aren't actually dandelions...but something else. But they're crazy! I want to get one of her with the tufts actually blowing....


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