Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This is our hall closet. It is the only accesible place I have to keep my fabric and yarn.

It's a disaster.

Everytime I open that closet, I want to scoop out my eyeballs with a spoon.

The real trouble is that I need to get to the things in there. I need to be able to see the fabric I'm after (without causing permanent back strain from lifting one basket off another). There are also other things that NEED to live in that closet because we need them to be accessible because we use them often. Only a portion of my fabric is in there. Any longer-term fabric (ie, fabric that is not slated to be used in the immediate future) lives up in our storage unit on the opposite end of the apartment complex.

I need suggestions for how to straighten this place up...on basically a zero dollar (yeah, $0) budget and not many exciting resources to speak of. So...if you have any great organizational ideas, I REALLY want to hear them!

Things that need to live in that closet and be accessible:

Two boxes/baskets of fabric (about 10 different cuts/colors at a given time)
2 camp chairs we use in the courtyard regularly
My bag for church (used only on Sundays)
Some (not all) of my yarn for crochet projects (the stuff on the docket or for the project I am currently working on)
The umbrella
Laundry Supplies (soap, bleach, stain remover, etc)
First aid items and kids' medicines
Box of craft items for things I do with the kids

You can see that although I am TRYING to simplify my life and still really is my kryptonite. And my utter lack of organizational skills isn't now I need your help and suggestions. Pretty please?


P.S. Don't you love Squirrel in the corner, posing? Because obviously, every picture I take must be of her! :)


  1. What about putting the campchairs, umbrella, church bag for Sundays and laundry supplies on the bottom (floor) area. Then on the shelf above them put your 2 boxes of fabric & yarn supplies. Then on the top shelf, put your first aid supplies/medicines (so the kids can't reach them) and box of craft things to do with the kids (again so the kids can't get them until you want them to). I'm not sure that would work space wise but that is just my idea from the picture & your list of closet needs. I'm sure you will figure it out no matter how it ends up working out. Can't wait to see the organized closet!

  2. Would hangers work for the fabric? You could hang them from the bottom shelf.

  3. I also have a small closet in which a lot of things must go inside of it. So, I put in it a small bookcase which just fits and I am able to store things on the shelf and also on the floor in front of it. It works well for us!

  4. Are those nails on the wall in the back of the closet? What about switching to tote bags instead of boxes and hanging them there?

  5. Sorry, no tips here. I just wanted to say that the line "scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon" made me laugh pretty hard! That's all.


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