Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{A Lesson in Environmentalism}

Overheard as we loaded into the car today:

Squirrel: Daddy, it is hot in this car!
Mister: Yep, it sure is. Do you know why it is so hot?
Squirrel: Yes. You tell me.
Mister: It's called the Greenhouse Effect. All the hot sunlight can get in through the windows, but the heat can't get out, so the car gets warm.
Squirrel: Ooooh, the green house....

As we waited in the car for the Mister to get back from grabbing something he forgot:

Squirrel: Mommy, do you know why is so hot in here?
Me: Why is it so hot?
Squirrel: It's the Green House.
Me: Oh, the Greenhouse Effect? What's that?
Squirrel: That's the green guy in here. He is really hot, but he is trap-ed. He is too small to open the doors by hisself, so he gets the car hot.

I can just see her disputing with her 7th grade science teacher..."No, ma'am. It isn't light that gets trapped. It's the little green guy." Here's to saving the planet by letting that poor little green guy out...



  1. Ok that is SO cute and hilarious! I prefer the "little green guy" could get himself out too so that my car weren't so hot :)

  2. I absolutely love this girl! I love the, "Yes. You tell me" and then the little green man is beyond priceless!


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