Sunday, February 6, 2011

{Winter Deep}

Hi there!

I talked to my sister the other day, and apparently, my last post made her pretty certain I was about to drive my family off a cliff.

For the record, I was not.

In fact, after I wrote that post of utter despair, I came to realize this: the weather is just the weather. I can't do anything to change it, and just need to make the most of it.

So, I went out and did the one thing that forces me to see things as beautiful, whether I think they are or not: I finally took some pictures.

Last week, just before the really INSANE temperatures rolled in, we got hit with an amazing amount of fog.

{I can, most days, easily see waaaaay up this hill.}

{Directly across the street from the water tower, usually easily visible, including the writing on the white portion. You can see how heavy the fog is, when I am less than 20 yards from it.}

{Okay, this picture is actually from a while ago, but here for comparison. This shows the farm land cater-corner from the University, and hopefully, you can see that there is a lot of visibility on most days. Way off in the distance is a house (actually a farmer's MANSION complete with hangar for his helicopter) on the horizon, about a mile away.}

{Here's what the land looked like on our foggy day. It was so crazy and just like staring at a wall. 
I'm standing in just the same spot as I was when I took the first photo.}

Cool, huh?

Here are a couple more from that day, just for kicks.

{This next one is actually a picture of the sun. You just can't see it. Because it's always hidden.}

Thankfully, the fog gave way, but with it came FREEZING temperatures. We, like the rest of the country, got some cold weather, and we sat in the negatives for a few days. I think the lowest we got was about -18, with a windchill of -35 or -40. Pretty impressive. (And also, rather painful to step outside/breathe in.)

The beauty of the weather was that it was TOO cold to snow. Meaning we got clear skies and SUNLIGHT!

In fact, we even got a few lovely sunsets, and night before last, a lovely little silver moon rose up in a gloriously blue sky:

And Rob found this on the seat of his four-wheeler (the towel he uses to cover the seat when he isn't riding it):

Frozen solid. Just like the rest of us! :) 

So glad it's February, regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil saw


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  1. Those pics of the moon are absolutely beautiful!!! I love it! and miss it so much!


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