Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Little Bird's Birthday}

Little Bird had a very happy little birthday last night. We ate pizza {one of the few dinner items the kid will actually eat} and I made him a cake.

I don't ever show the cakes I make for my kids on here because, frankly, I am as talented a cake decorator as a bread-maker. BUT, this time, I had a picture in my head, knew it would be easy if I exercised a little patience, and did a pretty good job {for me}!

Little Bird is obsessed with all kinds of transportation right now, but especially cars, so I made a fitting cake for him. When he saw it, he said, "WHOOOOAAA!"

That's about the best compliment a mommy can get on her cake skills. 

{You will notice that the sides are not iced...and that I ran out of icing to do all around the bottom. I could have easily made more icing. But I didn't--and I think that right there gives you a bit of insight into my personality. Straight-up lazy and impatient, and live by the motto "Done is better than perfect."}

{Ferrari zooming past "G" mountain...Little Bird even got to keep some of the cake toppers!}

Best of all, I think he liked it. 

{He even licked the ferrari clean. We call that a car wash.}

All the fun must have taken a toll on him, because today, the poor guy took a 7 hour nap. And then went to bed at his usual bedtime with no fuss.

Hoping it's a birthday growth spurt, and not that he's getting sick {again}. I'm done with the sickies!

Happy Birthday, Little Bird!



  1. Kierra! That's SO great! Congrats on trying something new, and I think it looked great...incomplete icing and all!

  2. Love the carwash
    hugs and kisses, Mom


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