Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bread Making? or Brick Making?

So, about a year ago, I posted about my inability to make bread. I actually did manage to make a loaf from the simplest recipe EVER. I made several, as a matter of fact.

Admittedly though, I've been wanting to learn to make real, wholesome, whole wheat bread. I've been reading about sprouting grains and thought I'd skip learning to bake bread with regular flour and jump right into sprouted flour. I'm an over achiever by nature, and it seemed to me that it would be the same process...just with an added step or two.

Turns out, I definitely under-achieved on this one...

I'm not sure if I over-sprouted the grains or under-milled the flour, but I did manage to create the world's most dense bread in the history of the world.

For your enjoyment:

{Are these not the SADDEST "loaves of bread" you've ever seen?}

{Next to a can of corn and peppers...please note this is one of those short cans...
so the bread is even flatter than you think at first glance!} 

{Ah...sad, sad bread. And the wasted hours of sprouting, grinding, and baking.}

The Pioneer Woman had a contest last week for best food photos 
{some seriously gorgeous stuff posted over there!}.
I'm just waiting for her contest for ugliest food photos...
I'm pretty sure these babies would be WINNERS! 

Any suggestions? Because seriously, I need some help, people!



  1. Seriously hilarious. Can't actually say that I would do any better. But your bread is by far the funniest bread I have seen.

  2. I kinda thought you were exaggerating when you said they looked like bricks. I guess not.
    WW bread is super hard to get right, I have no problems with white bread, but I cannot bake a good loaf of wheat to save my life! If you ever get it perfected please share!!

  3. Oh I'm sorry it didn't work out! I hate it when that happens! I don't even know what you are talking about with 'sprouted' bread so I can't help ya much. I'm super impressed by your ambition though!!

  4. You should ask my mom. She made bread for my family for years... It was too expensive to buy it for 10 people!

  5. I only make bread with a bread machine but one time I tried to make bread and the recipe called for too much salt and it was so bad, I ended up using the loaves to make croutons and they however, were delicious! It didn't matter that they were hard either because croutons are supposed to be that way.


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