Saturday, January 8, 2011

In which I shamelessly brag about my husband...

Around campus, there are a lot of students working doing a variety of things.

There are two jobs, which when the Mister sees being done, he says, "You couldn't *pay* me enough to do that."

The jobs?
Chipping ice (there is a lot of icy sidewalk to be chipped here in Eastern Idaho)
and cleaning the lounges to the girls dorms

The Mister recently got a job for the holiday break. He was hired by the maintenance department to fill work orders in the dorms over the break. I was appreciative that we'd have some extra income.

(I was even more appreciative that we'd have a maintenance guy that knew what he was doing and could get work orders done quickly. )

He was looking forward to doing something beside homework for a while. He said, "But still, if they ask me to do any custodial work, or any of that ice-chipping crap, I'll walk right out. I'm not in for that."
(The Mister...he's sometimes a little proud...)

On his first day of work, he and some of the other guys worked in the shop, filled some maintenance requests, and received some "training."

On his second day of work, he came home a little steamed up.

"We did two things all day," he said.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
"We cleaned the lounges...and then I chipped ice until I had blisters on my hands."
I inspected...yep, blisters. Sometimes, I suppose, the Lord tries us. He agreed, but didn't like it any better.

"I can't believe I did that. I've always said you couldn't pay me enough to do those things." He sighed. "I guess you can pay me enough. And I guess it's $7.70 an hour." Again, sigh.

I laughed, and then wrapped my arms around him for swallowing his pride, and being the kind of man he's always been--the kind that isn't afraid of hard work and cares enough about the rest of us to keep at it.


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