Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."

Or, perhaps, when you find a book in the toilet.

Or, a perfectly cracked egg in a tiny pan in the play kitchen.

While no physical evidence was found, and no witnesses came forth, authorities have begun surveillance on a suspect in the first case.

Case: Book in the Toilet
Surveillance subject: Little Bird

Recent activities include collecting books, running quickly down the hallway to read them on his sister's bed, and giggling hysterically at the pictures. Among his favorite books, Daddy Cuddles and books by Kit Allen, including Swimsuit, the book found drenched in toilet water and requiring recovery by authorities (who reported on the disturbing nature of the find).

{We've been made!}

The suspect was also found exiting the bathroom quickly, letting out a maniacal baby laugh on his exit. 
Circumstantial, yes...but strong. 

(The suspect in the egg cracking case confessed under questioning...) 

Okay, seriously. The book in the toilet was pretty gross. And I hope the kid is disappointed when he starts to miss it. But this new habit of his--this new love of books--is just about the cutest thing ever. You can see him here reading one of the aforementioned books. He finds his favorites, wherever they are in the house, and takes off running, giggling all the way, to Squirrel's bed. He climbs in, and will occupy himself for a half an hour reading to himself and snickering at the pictures. It would be nice, to let my children occupy themselves while I got something done...but then I'd find Squirrel, cracking eggs in her play kitchen. 

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