Friday, March 12, 2010

{Beautiful Housekeeping}

"...beautiful housekeeping and beautiful living laid for a foundation."

This place has purple carpet. Honestly, I'd prefer Thoreau's dirty wooden floors sometimes. There is nothing that doesn't show up on purple carpet. Nothing. So we vacuum a lot.

And Little Bird thinks the vacuum is about the funniest thing ever. He vacillates between attacking the one I use and trying to push it himself, to grabbing the little play vacuum and spending time along side me.

Little Bird surprises us quite often. He is so quiet and mellow that sometimes I don't realize when he has picked up a new skill or ability--like mimicking my housekeeping. Squirrel was always so busy and moved from one thing to the next like a frog hopping on explosive lily pads. Little Bird, on the other hand, learns something and just quietly integrates it into his daily life. For instance, as the Mister was leaving a few days ago, heading for class and giving hugs and kisses on his way out the door, Little Bird lifted a hand, and in his little gravelly voice, called out, "Bye-ee!" I might have thought it was a fluke, but now it happens regularly. He is so quiet and steady, but amazes me just the same for all the many new things he picks up almost every day. Laying his own foundation of beautiful living...

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  1. Michael is the same way with the vacuum cleaner.

    You have a beautiful blog.


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