Thursday, March 25, 2010

{The Noisier Cousin}

"...who chose the route in the wake of his noisier cousins."

Where on earth have I been? Here I was getting so good at posting regularly, and suddenly I've dropped off the planet. Actually, we've been enjoying family. We spent a few days visiting the Mister's family in Utah, and then had the distinct pleasure of hosting my parents here for about a week. Along with my parents came two nephews and a niece. Squirrel was overjoyed to spend the week with her favorite cousin.

Though we attempted to separate them, just for the time they were sleeping, we were unsuccessful. You can see how happy they were to have their little mattresses next to each other.

The trouble was Squirrel. That kid can stay awake through the most ungodly hours (even though you can see the purple under-eye rings from her exhausting day of play), and was happy to encourage her cousin to do the same. Most nights, they'd still be playing past midnight, with attempt after attempt to settle them down. Squirrel was up at dawn (as always) and after her own tries, she came into our room, begging and crying for help to wake her cousin, who was sleeping hard after all the excitement each day. We usually succeeded in distracting her for a while, but soon, he inevitably followed in the wake of his noisier cousin...

Sweet Dreams!


  1. Our house was so quiet with Rex gone, I was sure the post title was refering to him, not Squirrel. (By the way, what belonged to the nephews?)

  2. Oh, no. Poor Rex would pass out, exhausted, and Squirrel would still be jumping around, trying to wake him back up. As for the nephews...I have no idea what you are talking about...???


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