Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Thoreau Didn't Know...

I just want to share a few pictures today.

Really these are the rest of the photos in a series--the first being the one of Squirrel in yesterday's post. The little tutu she is wearing is quite her favorite thing in the universe. She also likes to wear her robot leg warmers (or, "dancy legs" as she calls them), and tiptoe around for all the world to see. One of her cousins, who is older and in ballet, just started on point a few weeks before we left Phoenix. Squirrel loves to emulate that...and I have to admit, she gets pretty high up on those tippy-toes!

She'll dance around a while--very hard to take a picture of this one, fast as she is....

And then...well, then she gets distracted...

and stands still...

Well...stands still for a second...{I just can't stop laughing at this picture!} 

I hope the music carries you away! 

And tell me, what makes you happy today?


  1. "Dancy legs" made me laugh. I love to observe little kids experiencing the world in a way only they can- it reminds me why life is fun.

  2. Your squirrel makes me happy today. All children do. And sitting and doing nothing for a few, makes me happy.

  3. She is gorgeous! I must admit I loved when Alexis finally wanted to start dressing like a ballerina and dance around the house! :D


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