Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"They ask me such questions as, if I think I can live on vegetable food alone..."

In the pursuit of trying to feed my children a bit better, I bought some V8 juice at the store.

The Mister laughed outright when he saw it come out of the bag. "Have you tried that?" he laughed. When I answered that I had not, he laughed harder and said, "Well, you're going to! No fair giving it to the kids and not trying it yourself."

I figured that millions of people must drink the stuff--it can't be all that bad. Besides, Squirrel and Little Bird don't get juice that often, so I thought maybe V8 would be a nice respite from the drudgery of milk and water. Plus, I like to think HDT would have liked V8, had he had it...

Initially, Squirrel was wary and disinterested, so it just sat on the counter. Two days passed and she brought me the bottle, saying that she would like some, so I happily obliged, pouring a bit into her sippy cup. Then I carefully observed to see how my sugar-addicted child would react.
It went about as well as the Mister had predicted.

At first, she just scrunched up her nose. And then she looked at me like I had set her tongue on fire--which she then began to scratch, as if she could rub the taste off. She handed me back her sippy cup, shaking her head no, and pronounced with a look of disgust, "MOMMY! I not LIKE that ketchup juice!"

I tried awfully hard to stifle my laughter as I poured it out and gave her some milk instead.

Later, after I told the Mister how it had gone over, he offered her some more.
"NO!" she said to his offer.
"Why not?" he asked.
She gave him her signature "you are either crazy or an idiot" look, and said, "Because it's KETCHUP!"

Later that night, I finally gave in and tasted some V8.

Turns out, I don't like that ketchup juice either....


  1. that is so funny, kierra!
    I love your blog
    ~Christina (boaps)

  2. cracking up here! As much as she likes ketchup, you'd think it might pass the test.

  3. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. how very sad....the Scott household loves V8!! :)


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