Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Thoreau Didn't Know Wednesday

 Hooray! It's Wednesday!
It's been a while, so my kids have done quite a bit to merit my unbridled proclamations of their greatness.

The New Guy walks--all. the. time! He's almost entirely given up crawling all together, and has pretty much entirely entered the lifestyle of the biped. More than that, he's decided that since he has mastered the art of the upright man, he has more important things to do than *just* get climbing things:

Bedtime anyone? Here are his adorable little buns trying to get into bed after bath time. (And yeah, evidence #239 I am trying to kick consumerism: my son sleeps in a pink bed.  He doesn't seem to mind much.)

And Sis...well her new role (in addition to the myriad already in play--princess, dancer, doctor, tea party host, chef, fish, etc.) is robot. She walks up and says, in the very best monotone I have ever heard a 2 and half year old accomplish, "I'm a robot. I'm talking like a robot." (Only it really sounds more like, "I a whoa-bop. I talkin' a whoa-bop.")

Here she and daddy are at bed time (she's supposed to be cleaning up her toys) wearing the Robot heads she appointed.

Bed time is perhaps the most fun time of all!

Have one fantastic night and happy dreams!

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  1. Her imagination amazes me--but she is yours after all. In no time at all she'll be playing "bridge"


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