Monday, January 18, 2010

{Simply Sweet} Homemade

The Mister is a positively wonderful wonderful in fact that when I suggested he make one of our favorite treats, he up and did it...right then. Okay, so I know his motives weren't purely altruistic, but he did after all, share the mouth-watering masterpiece.

I've been trying to cut processed foods out of our diets more, and that means that there are fewer and fewer types of junk food around my house. To be perfectly honest, this is hardest on me. Just like I kept a lot of physical junk around, I also have a tendency to keep food junk around. I'm used to being able to walk into the kitchen and pick out whatever processed, fatty, nitrate-laden excuse for food from my freezer or cupboard and shove it into my face. It's funny because as a mom, I am really often particular about what I feed to my children--they eat their fruits and veggies {mostly organic}, lean proteins, whole grains, etc--while Mom hides her face in the cupboard and crams down a Twinkie.

Needless to say, with the Twinkies gone and no Ben and Jerry's in sweet tooth came a'calling...and the Mister answered the call with a homemade treat far better than anything Hostess could have wrangled up--Homemade Twix Bars. These are seriously sinful. (And yes, I do see the marked irony in posting about how I am trying to eat healthier and then following up with pictures like these, thankyouverymuch...) We haven't made them in over a year, and I can't imagine what would have made us put them off.

You really must try them, and can find the recipe we use here.

They may look ordinary...

But exceed expectations...

And are capable of performing quite the vanishing act...

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