Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Thoreau Didn't Know

Wednesdays around here are dedicated to what Thoreau didn't know. He knew how to live simply, to commune with nature, to live free from burden and the slavery of belongings. What he didn't know, was the joy of a family. Each Wednesday, I'll spend some time sharing a few of the moments with my own children and husband that have brought me "inexplicable joy". I hope any readers will add a few of their own week's joyful moments, either as comments here, or as links to posts on their own Twitter or blog.

My own inexplicable moments in this past week:

My 8.5 month old has started saying "Mamama"--he only says it when he is sad or needs something, but it still warms my heart that I am the one he is asking for.

My 2 year old daughter is very into magic wands--she calls them her "sparkles." Anything from straws to forks have been carried around lately, having been pronounced her "sparkle" of the moment. I love seeing her dance around, waving a fork over the dog prounouncing "Sparkle Power!" as she apparently attempts to turn the poor critter into something more extraordinary.

My daughter is also very into singing...about ANYthing. I love to listen to the songs she makes up, alone, or with her cousin of almost the same age. A scene from a recent jam session with the two of them, after a rousing round of "Old MacDonald":
R (her cousin): What sing next?
A: Hmmm....sing "A"!
R: Okay! (Strumming the prop ukulele they carry as their main instrument of choice) A-A-AAAA-AAA!

Again to the 8.5 month old: He is apparently going through some terrible sleep regression and absolutely hates napping lately--as I like to put it, he fights naps like a ninja. After what seems like hours of rocking him to the brink of sleep over and over again, he starts to reach a state of delirium. No matter how frustrated I am at my inability to get him to surrender to sleep, there is something that just makes me forget all about it when he reaches that point--it must have something to do with the smile behind the pacifier and sly side looks as he giggles about the rocking motion that is supposed to put him to sleep.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll share a little piece of your joy with me today!

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