Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
We love Halloween here.
I really love forcing my family into looking ridiculous together.
I'm pretty sure I am reaching the end of being able to force my children into this, but the Halloween gods were on my side this year.

I know we probably won't be able to ever outdo last year's theme, but that will never stop me.

I got the idea this year to be the cast from Pixar's Up.

My children have no care for Up one way or the other.

Lucky for me, Squirrel wanted to be "Jewel" from the movie Rio. (Well, hello, bird costume, or KEVIN the bird...) So, I made her a bird costume and if you asked her, she was Jewel, but if you asked me, she was Kevin (which did NOT make her happy if she overheard).

Little Bird really wanted to be a ghost, even though I wanted him to be Russell. I compromised and made him a Russell costume with a ghost costume to go over top. Turns out, he didn't want to wear any costume, but didn't notice that his Russell costume was on him. (Anyone need a big white piece of fabric with two eye holes cut in it???)

Rob of course, was Carl, the old man. Unfortunately, no store in our town sold white or gray hair spray. (Can you believe it? Totally unheard of, but I guess that's what you get in a small town.) So I guess he was Carl, the middle-aged man...

I was Dug the Dog. In typical fashion, there are no photos of me, but my costume wasn't that great anyway. Most people's favorite was the "cone of shame" made from butcher paper. :)
Oh, wait, here's one! Hmm...I guess I did do a pretty good job on the costume...

The best part though, was the paper mural I drew for the trunk or treat--a magnificent crayon rendering of the house, accompanied by a bunch of balloons affixed to the van/house. We were pretty much the MOST awesome family at the trunk or treat, no doubt.

I will be so heartbroken when my children develop minds of their own when it comes to Halloween....

Anyway, hope you had a fun one with oodles of candy and lots of good times!


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  1. I love to manipulate my boys to be what I want them to be too. I have found it best to start very early with Rex and to slowly rule out his ideas until all we're left with are my ideas, and he thinks they're his. This is also how I handle my husband. So there you have it, your sister's plans for crushing her children's dreams and manipulating her husband. Good, sound advice, right?


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