Sunday, March 6, 2011

{Handmade TV Stand!}

Sometimes, I still get the consumer bug in my ear, that convinces me I "need" something new. Lately, I've been wanting a TV stand, since ours has been sitting on half of an IKEA computer desk. Not something I needed, but I convinced myself that the kids were going to pull the TV down off the rickety old thing, and was getting frustrated with the way they were always getting into the DVD player, which was right in their reach, and started looking around. I found one I really loved... Unfortunately, it sold to the tune of about $700.

When Rob took a look at it, he said to me, "I can totally make this." And so he did!

Instead of a Saturday night date, we built an entertainment center. To keep it cheap, we used particle board and MDF and painted it, then used a cute little leaf print fabric to cover the doors for extra fun.

{I'm so glad I married a handy guy!} 

And so, for about $40 in materials, I have a new TV stand, a place to put the components out of 
reach of the kids, and something sturdy--REALLY sturdy thanks to the MDF--that will 
keep the kids from rocking the stuff down. 

{I have a pretty awesome husband!} 


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  1. Amazing! I never would have guessed homemade or so affordable!


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