Monday, September 13, 2010

"The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening."

We've been participating in a garden co-op. We weed and tend to a large community garden weekly, and the Mister is the "Water Man," a fancy title which means he's the boss of making sure the sprinklers get turned on.

Even though eastern Idaho has one of the shortest growing seasons in the nation, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labors. There is nothing more wonderful than pulling food, real food, out of the earth--sharing that experience with my children and teaching them what the ground beneath our feet begets.

{As in all things, her patience is lacking in the garden too...}

{I love that Squirrel must wear cowboy boots to the garden...}

{Ah, this Little Bird, free in the garden...}



  1. That squash is as big as your little bird!!!

    That looks SO wonderful!!! Ben & I were successful with tomatoes and strawberries this year, and just a couple green beans off our one tiny plant. Flagstaff's growing season is also pitiful, so I'm pretty happy we have had our tomatoes overgrow this year.

    Keep up the great work - eating food right off the vine (in my case) is extremely rewarding!

  2. That picture of Little Bird (it goes against everything in my nature to refer to him as that by the way :) is A.DOR.A.BLE

  3. Jenny--Yay for tomatoes! When we lived in VA, we had tomatoes coming out our ears. I wish we'd known what to do with them then, because they won't even really grow here!

    Lin--You can call him whatever you like! :D Comments don't generally show in browsers or search engines, I don't think.


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