Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Hoppy" Valentine's Day!

Lately, I feel like I can't get my kids AWAY from candy. First Halloween, then Christmas, and with Valentine's Day coming, I knew they'd just get more. But even more than that, it's like candy just pours from the sky around here.

Go to the bank? Here kids, here's some candy. Grocery shopping? The checker is giving out candy. Visit to the doctor, run in to the post office, living in college kids are ALWAYS getting candy.

I'm surprised the dentist doesn't give candy out in this town.

And that my kids don't have more cavities.

Anyway, the point of all that is to say that I wanted Squirrel to take Valentine's to her school party that did not have candy. I know that probably every other parent in the class will supply candy for her, but maybe there's another mom like me that will be thankful for the candy reprieve in at least ONE card.

So this year, I made Squirrel's valentine cards, and if you'd like them, I will share with you too!

I found some of those cute little hopping frogs, created a tag template, and tied them on with some simple white yarn. I'm sure any number of mommies could really make these pop, but with only a black and white printer and my limited ability to make "cute" happen from my own imagination (I'm really good at copying other people's cute ideas...less good about making my own!), I'm pretty impressed with how they turned out.

 photo IMG_1267_zps63be5756.jpg

 photo IMG_1268_zps2108097b.jpg

 photo IMG_1266_zps311cfb1b.jpg

If you like, feel free to print the template off yourself and make your own, and feel free to link others up here as well! Enjoy!




  1. way cute! plus, i so agree with you about the candy thing!

  2. Adorable!!! Great job, Kierra!

  3. My boys are obsessed with those frogs. I am usually a Valentine's Day creative gal, but opted for store-bought this year. I feel a little icky about it. Especially seeing how cute your are!


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