Friday, August 31, 2012

How fast it flies....

...time that is. And how fast my little Grasshopper is growing!
He is three months old! Three months old!
Look here, how completly different he looks in such a short amount of time:

{About one week old} 

{And three months old}
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He doesn't even look like the same little guy! But I love that he still sleeps like that with his hand by his face. Is there anything more angelic??

Let's see, three months old...he is in the 85th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. I don't know why, but my babies get big fast when they are youngins. {A recent height predictor told me that Squirrel would probably be 5'11"...not likely given her parentage. I think we just peak really early...}While my parents were here, Dad kept saying, "I swear he's grown an inch since we've been here." Which turned out to be true. I think he actually grew two inches in the month they were here, and gained close to four pounds. This kid ain't messing around. 

He is cutting his first tooth, I'm pretty sure. I am not crazy about this at three months, and it's a lot earlier than the other two did, but what'ya gonna do? He's been snotty and snuffly for days, is drooling like Squirrel did when she had her cavities filled, and is generally a bit more cranky than he usually is. We'd gotten to the point where he finally started sleeping a little more reliably, but now that's all gone to pot again. I used to say about Squirrel, "She fights naps like a ninja," and I must say, this guy is the same! He even gets the little purple bags under his eyes that she would get from fighting sleep until the point of utter exhaustion. I am very grateful that like his siblings, he sleeps through the night pretty well--waking to eat a couple times, but then going right back down.

My little Grasshopper is not much a fan of baby-wearing like my other two were, but in the last week or so has softened up to it. That's a relief, because it really makes life SO much easier.
He still loves his hands best, and has started the habit of chomping desperately on any blanket that might be near him--another thing that makes me think he is teething. He loves having his feet rubbed in the evening. I really do think that a little lavender oil foot rub helps him settle down for bed in the evenings. He wakes up each morning as happy as can be--he'll just coo and purr and smile at me for as long as I can stand it, or until his belly decides it needs filling! He's also started to giggle. Rob loves to tickle him to get belly laughs out of him, and they are becoming bigger and more delightful each day. As for me, my favorite thing to do is talk to him and nibble on his little squishy ears and the scruff on the back of his neck and his little bald head. (Is that weird? Do other moms do that?) 

I'm continually amazed at how much Little Bird adores him. To be honest, I thought Little Bird would have a tough time, but he is just as sweet and gentle with his baby brother as any child could be. He loves to be a helper and takes a lot of personal pride in pitching in, especially when it comes to baby. Surprisingly, Squirrel is a little less helpful. She's much more interested in the playing side of things--trying to make him giggle, wanting to dress him up like a doll or read him a story. She'll turn her nose up and run out of the room if I suggest she toss out a diaper or go fetch me an item. But that's okay, it means he'll have a well-rounded, though separate, relationship with each of them. :) 

I'm already looking forward to seeing who this little guy will turn into. I compare him to his siblings, and think he looks more like Squirrel did at this age, but not exactly. And sometimes I laugh because I think he looks SO much like Rob...but doesn't look like Rob's baby pictures. This guessing game is really half the fun of having a child--one part is enjoying who they are now, at any given moment; the other part is guessing who they will turn out to be and watching as that person emerges. Either way, I'm enjoying the journey with this little hunk of love! 

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