Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some photos of the new guy!

These are a little (like over a month!) late, but I was super awesome and set everything up just perfectly two days after getting back from the hospital for a giant mug of water to be dumped directly onto Rob's computer. Needless to say, the computer was toast. Very expensive toast, and thank heavens for insurance! Anyway, we're only just back "online" and so I was only just able to upload the photos.

And thankfully, my husband still loves me (probably because I'm the one who makes sure the insurance gets paid every month).

My little grasshopper is growing so quickly! He's already ten pounds, and too big for all his "preemie" sized clothes. So even though it's only been a month since taking these, it's amazing to me how totally different he already is.

{This kid's hands are his best friends--we couldn't see his face in the ultrasound because they were over his face the whole time, and even now, he always wants them near his face or in his mouth.}

{Sweet smiles!} 

{All my babies!} 

 {Proud Daddy!}

Anyway, nothing great, since I did them myself a week post-partum (and have don't have my photo-editing software back yet), but at least they capture his teeny-tininess


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  1. Your kids are sooooo cute- they look so much like you :)


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