Sunday, March 25, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

In March, the kids and I got to visit my parents and family in Arizona. We had planned to go before Dad's stroke, but I was grateful to have the opportunity to see him--and all the family--again, this time strictly for fun.

It was their first time on an airplane, and they were out-of-their-minds-excited. They did great, loved the fact that they got to chew watermelon-flavored gum, and could barely contain their delight that there was a bathroom ON THE PLANE.

(Doesn't he look like such a big kid pulling his suitcase--which he insisted on doing himself the whole time!)

Getting off the plane in Arizona.

In addition to seeing my parents, we also were lucky to arrive the same day this little guy did! 
My brother and sister welcomed baby #4, their first boy!
(And he really was one of the most perfect little babies I have ever seen!) 

We also had TONS of fun enjoying the amenities of a big city. 
We went to the Phoenix Zoo, which really is quite nice. 

Watched Backyardigans with the cousins...

Went to the dinosaur museum (which Little Bird has been BEGGING to do forever!)
Digging for dino eggs here: 

And braving the T-Rex! 

And attending a favorite cousin's birthday party, complete with bouncy house, games and pinata! 

In news of my dad, he's doing remarkably well. I was so impressed by the difference in him. I know he still has his frustrations--for instance, he has beautiful handwriting, but it isn't back quite to that point where it was before the stroke (though it's much better than my husband's already!), and he gets tied up if he's talking in conversation more than 4-5 sentences (but was getting stuck at 4-5 words last time I visited!). I think some of his frustrations come from the fact that he sees the every day, small changes, but it is hard for him to step back and see how far he's come. For me, again, I have the blessing of distance and time--even though it's hard to be away, when I saw him, I was just blown away at how far he has come along. His therapy is truly helping and I am so grateful for his therapists. And again, I'm so impressed at and proud of him and the way he is working. He's ornery, so it takes a little to convince him, but once he starts, he really works hard. :) 

In July, after the baby gets here, Mom and Dad will be coming to visit and I can't wait to see them and the progess Dad will have made again! We've been so blessed to see them so much this year, especially given all the circumstances that have come along. It's been a difficult year, but one filled with so much love and accomplishment, too! 


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