Thursday, July 21, 2011

Right Now...

Here's what's happening 'round these parts...

We got back Monday early morning from a quick trip to Utah to see Rob's little brother Greg. After two years serving the Lord, he is home from his mission! It was SUCH a cool thing to see sweet, quiet little Greg transformed into this remarkable, self-confident, well-spoken MAN. And ultra cool to watch my usually-stoic husband tear up as he heard this grown-up version of his little brother bear his testimony of the Savior! :)

Rob just took his last final of the semester today and he is FREE from school for at least seven weeks. Probably more like 4 months because he is "off-track" in the fall. {They operate on a trimester system here with students assigned for only 2 semesters.}

We are looking for work for Rob and internship and shadowing opportunities for him for his off-track term. If anybody has the hook up on that in eastern Idaho, I wanna HEAR about it! {We're looking for shadowing opportunities in the medical field. Jobs...I'm pretty sure he'd take anything.}

I woke up yesterday by literally gasping and sitting straight up in bed because it suddenly hit me that we are moving in 10 days! {Did I forget to mention that? We aren't moving far, just to a housing complex across the parking lot to manage a different set of apartments.} And I haven't packed a single thing. Not one single thing. In fact, I think I just pushed it out of my mind and thought that since we are just moving 100 yards or so, I'd just carry stuff over in my arms, ya know, like in a couple of trips with a laundry basket. My head has obviously been swimming in the clouds and I am back on earth, filled with anxiety about our desperate need to purge.

My last batch of GIRLS is headed out this week, so I am busybusy getting rooms checked and paperwork and keys all filed away! From here on out {part of our move} I will be dealing with BOYS! That's right, we're switching to men's housing, with almost twice as many men as the ladies we currently have. I am simultaneously excited for the lack of drama that gets me out of bed in the middle of the night and the estrogen charged cry-fests I will have to endure, and nervous about the number of broken windows and bones I will have to call for people to fix.

Just a few more days and my mom and daddy will be here! It's been almost a year since we saw them, and I am so super pumped to have them up here. Lucky for us {but maybe not so lucky for them}, they just so happened to plan their trip for when we got our moving date...which means HELPERS! Even if they just play with the kids while we haul stuff, it will be a blessing, and the kids are GEEKED to see Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, aside from the move, I am super excited for time with them, a visit to Yellowstone {and possibly the Opal mines} and lots of good family fun and Mom's awesome sewing skills.

We got some frisbees from the donation pile. Rob taught the kids to throw them, and now they constantly ask us to play with them. The best part is that Squirrel asks us to "Come play roast beef" and Little Bird asks us to "Come play Fresh Beats." And I just can't bring myself to correct either of them because it is so painfully cute.

Life is good. The air is warm and sweet, the days are long, and we spend our days with windows and doors open, eating popsicles, and basking in little moments. And now we are SO excited that we'll get Daddy back from his loooong weeks of finals and papers and study groups. Things could not be better.

Hope all is well with you!


P.S. I have a real post in the works...something on my mind but I'm having trouble processing it. I'll get it up soon, I hope!

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