Monday, June 7, 2010

"I am always surprised by their rare beauty.."

To Thoreau it was the me it is the peafowl. It seems Idaho farmers have an unusual love for peacocks, as I have seen several of them strutting around this near-tundra. Perhaps if I were living on the indescribable bounty of a vast potato farm and its profits, I'd keep an unusual pet or two myself. For now, the pictures will have to suffice.




  1. Did you know I actually LOVE peacocks? It's kind of a secret, but it is a crazy, vast appreciation. At the zoo last week we saw one in front of the soda/water vending machines looking back and forth as though he couldn't decide between a Dasani or a Coke. I laughed out loud and wished I had another grown up to point it out to...the boys didn't get it.

  2. BAHAHA! That seriously made me burst out laughing. I can totally picture it and wish I'd been there to enjoy!


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